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Terra Gold Project | Alaska              

Notable highlights include...

  • Technical resource reports for the Ben Zone and Fish Zone show mineable gold.​

  • We believe the Connection Zone has the potential to substantially contribute to the overall resource estimate.

  • Other high priority targets in the focus area include South Terra (Cirque Wall, Oxidized Zone, Ice Vein and a potential porphyry.

  • Soil samples and select drill holes from priority targets indicated high grades with 21 samples exceeding 1 ounce per ton.

  • Additional targets on existing claims outside of current focus area have similar high grade soil samples.​

  • Mag Areas 3 and 4 are being explored as possible placer targets.

Identified Veins and Priority Targets

map of target_edited.png
Priority Targets.png

Vein Material Characteristics

The majority of the gold and silver within the Terra Project, explored to date, resides in multi striated layers of quartz veins.  

The gold present is in the form of Electrum, which is 70-80% gold (Au) and the remaining balance silver (Ag).  The gold within these veins occurs as globular inclusions, also known as "free gold", allowing the extraction of the minerals to be mechanically separated rather than chemically.  The bulk of the gold is liberated by grinding to 80% passing 100 mesh, with the majority of gold grains collected in the 40-50 micron size.

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